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MOVE with Ana


  • 10+ fun and easy pole dance tutorials

  • For beginners, intermediates & experts

  • Loving & welcoming community

  • Live group flexibility sessions

Über das Studio

Made with 💜 by World Pole Champion, Anastasia.

New all-in-one pole dancing platform 🥇

Become a strong, flexible, and confident pole dancer fast.

Feel empowered 🌟 Learn Ana's jaw-dropping tricks!

Imagine your pole dancing skills just 7 days after joining 🔥

Become a strong, flexible, and confident pole dancer today!

🎥 100+ training videos to improve your strength, flexibility, and confidence on the pole MUCH faster and easier

💃🏼 Learn how to easily master new spins, tricks, poses, and transitions safely without pain

🤩 How to overcome the fear of performing in front of a huge or small audience using one simple technique

🦵🏼 How to stay injury free using Anastasia's little-known warm-up techniques

👸🏼 How to feel strong, confident, and empowered on the pole even if you're shy, afraid, or nervous




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