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All about your membership at Hall of Pole

What is HoP's mission?

Hall of Pole is more than just a website - it's a passion project that aims to unite and strengthen the pole community. ​


Our goal is to connect pole studios and pole dancers by collecting and making accessible all relevant information in one place. We want to shorten the search for events and information for pole dancers while at the same time giving studios the opportunity to optimally present and promote their events. ​


We firmly believe that the Hall of Pole is not just a platform, but a movement that brings the pole community together. Through our shared passion for pole dancing, we want to create an inspiring and supportive environment where every pole enthusiast can feel at home. ​


With Hall of Pole we not only want to provide information, but also promote a community that enables the exchange of knowledge, experiences and passions. Because for us, pole dancing is not just a sport - it is a passion that brings people together and changes lives. ​ I invite you to become part of this movement and explore and celebrate the world of pole dancing together.


Welcome to Hall of Pole – where passion meets community.

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Who can become a member?

Your advantages

Pole studios, independent trainers, competition, pole camp organizers and photographers can become members.

  • for free

  • You can enter various events in the directories:

    • Workshops,

    • photoshoots,

    • education lessons,

    • competitions

    • pole camps,

    • regular online courses

  • your events will be found faster and easier

  • you can reach pole dancers from all over the world

Recommend Hall of Pole and increase your reach. The more people participate, the more interesting Hall of Pole will be for other potential participants.


Your registration is free. After your membership has been approved, you can post events that are offered in your studio or by you as a freelance trainer, organizer or photographer,

Premium membership

A premium membership costs EUR 49.99/year and includes the publication of events by Hall of Pole. You send us the information collected in an Excel file and we will take care of the rest! This saves you having to fill out multiple forms or repetitive fields of many workshops.


Studio & event registration



Register once. You get to the registration via Login (menu). We'll check your eligibility and notify you as soon as you can log in.


Pole Studio

Create your studio in the directory so that you can update your offer and information at any time.


Courses & Events

Go to the desired form in the members area and enter all data. Your event can be seen immediately in the respective categories!

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