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Pilonia Camp Rosa Khutor

Pilonia Camp Rosa Khutor

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Pole Camp Pilona

Über das Event

Experienced coaches, exciting parties, new acquaintances, sunsets in the mountains, snowboards and skis... Are you coming with us?

Training and recreation

We make the program in such a way that you would not only train, but also rest. So we use the 2+1 system.

This means that you will have an alternation:

Two training days → Rest dayTwo training days → Rest Day, etc.

This helps you recover from intense workouts and relax (go for a ride on the board or just relax in the hotel).

About training

Every training day you will have 7 - 8  hours of classes!

We make the schedule so that each group has all the trainers and directions.

We give a variety of training sessions. It is very important for self-development to be able to try something new

About recreation

And that's not all that awaits you!We organize your leisure time. This means that both after training and on rest days you will have something to do.Snowboarding and  skiing
Evening Board games
Hiking trips




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