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PSO Virgo - Virtual

PSO Virgo - Virtual




About the workshop

Registration Deadline : July 24, 2024

PSO Virgo Virtual Pole Championships is an online competition with the same categories and levels that you'd find at an in-person PSO event. We will be accepting entries as usual, on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you enter, you'll have until August 21 to film and send us your competition video. We'll compile the videos into a virtual stream on August 24-25, complete with an emcee, judging based on the PSO system, prizes, medals, and virtual hugs. 

Categories of the competition are: 

- Championship Levels 1-5 
- Dramatic Levels 1-5
- Entertainment Levels 1-5 
- No Pole No Problem 
- Edited Videos 
- Doubles/Group 
- Showcase Plus 
- Heels
- Freedance 

Skeptical about online? There are a few cool bonuses that you'll get online that you won't get at a live event. 

- Film and send us your best run through. You can rehearse as many times as you like and send us the one you nailed. 

- Apply grip to your pole ahead of time. 

- No prop rules and you don't have to submit them ahead of time either. Use food, liquid, pets, confetti, glitter, or unexpected child cameos - all are ok. 

- Your grandma who lives in Australia can finally watch you perform because there's a live stream. 

- It's cheaper! And, if you're experiencing financial hardship and can't afford the entry fee, we'll help you out, no questions asked. Just email us. 

A general entry is $60. A sponsorship entry of $119 pays for yourself to enter as well as helping sponsor competitors in need.

Entry fees are non-refundable. Panic Button Guarantee: email us within 24 hours of signing up, and we'll refund you, no questions asked.




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